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About Us

Hello all! 
My name is Sheena, and I am the founder and creator of Knit Nacks Co. I am a wife, healthcare worker, and mother of two. I started this business with the hopes to find a new passion that would take over and become my new career. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia while pregnant with my first baby. It made life quite a bit more challenging and physically limiting. In turn, I had to keep reducing the amount of hours I was able to put in every week at my job. 

After many difficult years of coping and learning to live life with this new challenge, I finally listened to my body. It was telling me that I would not be able to keep doing the same career that I have been in since 2009. I loved my job, and know that it has helped shape me into the woman I am today. For that, I am forever grateful. It also made accepting my new career path slightly easier and more exciting, instead of scary! 

Those who know me, know I strive for perfection. When sitting down to create the journey of Knit Nacks Co, the first thing I wrote down was ‘A trustworthy brand of quality products, for the right price’. After being a mom of a boy and girl, I got to experience both sides of the scale from clothes, decor, furniture, etc. It also revealed to me how expensive, and often overpriced, baby and home products were in the market! For any of you who have ever been on maternity leave, you know it does not cover much. Those that never even qualified for a paid maternity leave felt this even more so. It always makes living on a tight budget sad, stressful, and uncomfortable. 

I’d like to share a memory I have from when I was a new mom, that has always stayed with me. In the middle of the night I was sitting in the rocking chair of my son's nursery, feeding him his bottle. I had been scanning the room back and forth in the dim light. While staring at the bare walls, crib, and shelves, the same thought kept running through my head. ‘Why is everything so expensive? How is a new mom supposed to have a nice, warm experience with their newborn while stuck in a room for hours a day, staring at the same plain, cold feeling room. How can you afford to make that nursery feel more warm and welcoming?’ 

With that memory firm in my mind, I went deep into the rabbit hole to research, learn, and realize my new dream. 

To create an experience for you to find that unique, inspiring, and energizing piece that you’re missing for your nursery or home, at great quality and the right price. We want you to feel comfortable putting trust in our company.
Owner and founder of Knit Nacks